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Religions day in Furuset

Sanatan mandir sabha took part In Religions day arranged by Ahmedia Mosque Furuset on 10 October.All the religious leaders discussed how to regret your committed Sin.


3 September Yoga Day was arranged in our Mandir. Deputy Mayor of Asker Monica Bratlie opened the day.


Sanatan Mandir Sabha invites you all to participate in a unique Yoga Day program on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023. The Yoga Day will be held by Nina Nirvani, the leader of Tønsberg Yoga. Monica Therese Vee Bratlie, Varaordfører of Asker kommune, will open the Yoga Day. Date : September 3rd, 2023 Program 13.00 Welcome / […]

Rådet i STL meeting in our mandir

Rådet i STLheld their meeting in our mandir on 12 june2023. They were shown around the temple before the meeting and they participated inArti .