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Rudolf steinar skole

Rudolf steinar skole , oslo , 8 trinn, 29 elever . 08.05.24

School visit

Vollen Montessori skole , 4 trinn , 20 elever . Besøk 02.05.24

School visited mandir

Over 100 students from Asker VGS and Torvbråten school in three groups visited mandir and learned about Hinduism on 9&10 April 2024.

Holi Mahotsav celebration – 2024

Holi Mahotsav was celebrated on 31 march. Over 700 people enjoyed the festival of colours. Sanatan mandir sabha thanks all the volunteers to make festival successful. Special thanks to persons safeguarding the mandir and parking 🙏🏼

Shivratri celebration at Mandir

Sanatan mandir sabha thanks all the devotees to maintain discipline and having patience during rush hours of Rudrabhishek . It was a repeat of last year and more than 800 – 900 devotees visited mandir and we are thankful to our committee members and other sevadars to assist serving langar. May god bless Sh. Rajiv […]