Holding Pritibhoj (Langar) In Mandir

Thought behind hosting a Pritibhoj (Langar) at Mandir is to share joy, happiness and good fortune with others. Sharing with others is a noble thing to do, this not only brings the oneness in the society but the hosting family/families get showered with God`s unlimited blessings.

Pritibhoj should be prepared with following thoughts in mind:


  • Meals should be simple, easy to digest and of the “Satvic” nature.
  • Prepare meals together with love, care and compassion. If it is difficult for one family to take the whole responsibility, ask others to join in.
  • Offer the prepared meals to God for His blessings.
  • Share the blessed food and eat together, forgetting all the differences.
  • Families, compassionate enough to host Pritibhoj (Langar) at the Mandir are requested to contact either Pundit ji or the committee. Committee will try to help as much as possible.