Donations Corona (Covid-19)

Dear Devotees,

Many of our members have approached the SMS executive committee regarding helping India in her fight against COVID-19 by donating to the PM Cares fund.

SMS appreciates the concern and thinks this is a wonderful thought!

SMS would like to take this further and request all our members to donate generously towards this cause. You can deposit your donations to the existing SMS bank account no. 5140.05.10257. Please write “PM Cares India” in the kid no. space. SMS will then transfer the collected amount into the PM Cares fund from Indians living in Norway.

SMS will register all individual donations for tax-benefit in Norway.

We would like to encourage all our devotees to open up their heart (and also your wallet) for this great cause and in this way contribute towards our Janam Bhoomi.

SMS executive committee is also planning to distribute food packages to the needy here in Norway. This will happen soon. Any of our devotees who would like to help/participate in this noble initiative in whatsoever way can contact the mandir committee. Feel free to give your suggestions as well.