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    Mandir is open for upto 30 persons with social distancing restrictions

Important message – Corona virus!

Dear Devotees,
SMS has been contacted by our members regarding corona virus and what SMS is doing about it. We are aware of this and are following the guidelines from the Folke Helse Institute (fhi).

Advice for our members (based upon fhi guidelines):- Good hand hygiene
Wash your hands thoroughly (Use at least 20 seconds)- Coughing and sneezing
Use paper tissues or your elbows to cough or sneeze into- Cold or influenza symptomsIf you feel you have cold or flu, please avoid crowded places. In case you are not sure about your symptoms, do get in touch with your GP (Fastlegen).
In case of emergency call 116!For more details about the virus, symptoms and guidelines regarding corona virus check out the following website:https://fhi.no/nettpub/coronavirus/

Any clarifications do contact us!
Best regards,Sanatan Mandir Sabha