Shradda means faith (श्रद्घा). One has to constantly remember favors done on him
by his ancestors, sages, God and society.
After death soul has to wander in the various worlds. Pitra Paksha is an occasion
to pacify the departed ancestors by performing Shraddha. It is a ritual to repay
debts to the ancestors. In other words ceremony performed in honor of a dead


Begin the rituals by doing the Achaman (take water from the pancha patra and
put it on your palm and drink it. Then do Angavandanam (worship the deities by
touching the various parts of the body like ears, nose, eyes, neck, shoulders etc).
Perform the Pranayamam. Then do Sankalpam. The deceased (preta) to be
admitted into the assembly of forefathers (pitri).